Thursday, July 10, 2008

Star Wars

Monday evening we went to the Star Wars Exhibit at the Science Museum.
Going to the Science Museum was something that I did growing up. (not the Star Wars part, I remember making corn meal and seeing the mummy)
It was fun to see items from the movies. Emily says she is a girl, so she really wasn't that excited to see the Star Wars stuff. But we found her something girlie.
We also got to learn about and work with real robotics.
At this table we got to test different kinds of wheels and find out what works best.
To learn about outer space, we were able to take a "ride" on the Millennium Falcon. It was a great evening.
A few weeks ago, we had to send our wii in for repair. It was missed. When we got home from the museum, we found our wii waiting at our doorstep and it works!

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