Sunday, July 27, 2008

Valley Fair

This is the 2nd reunion in which we have found a night to go to Valley Fair. It was the perfect time to go have some fun. There was a threat of rain which seemed to scare off the crowds, but no rain came. At one point, our arms were linked and we were skipping through the park. Seriously, seven Hamers in an amusement park is a wonderful thing! (Dad, John, Carol, Cathy, Ben, Louise and Laurie all went. The others were either babysitting or too scared to go, you decide who was what!) I cannot wait for our next trip. We were able to jump off the The Wild Thing have a quick stop to laugh at the pictures the ride took of us and get back on without a wait. I think we rode it 4 times in a row.
We were all loving the Xtreme Swing. It was new to all of us and a fun scary ride. I guess at one point in the ride you are lifted 125' off the ground. We rode this a bunch of times too.
Right next to the Xtreme swing is the Power Tower. It is still to me the most terrifying ride. The scariest part is the anticipation. You slowly ride up the tower and then just sit there for a while just waiting to be dropped to your death. Once you drop all is good, but that wait is so scary. Ben was threatening to try to take a picture from the top of the tower (about 250 feet high). Seriously just typing that makes my hands sweat and my legs tingle. I have a serious fear of dropping things from super high places. Luckily, he was caught with his camera and was not allowed to bring it on the ride.
Steel Venom is still my favorite ride at the park. I love sitting toward the front of the ride. You get to go crazy fast and crazy high. Ben and Laurie took pictures which I will try to add later. I was to much of a wimp to bring my camera.

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