Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dinner and Game Night

After swimming, we met up with the rest of the family for dinner and game night at our house. As some of you know, this usually means Papa Murphey's pizza will be served. We had pizza, chips and dip, chocolates and of course brownies. Before the games started, we played outside with the kids. Nico and Leo learned the game "crack the egg" on the trampoline. They caught on really fast and Leo liked being a "good egg." We then hit the park across the street until it started getting dark. When we got home the kids got to watch movies downstairs.

Have you ever played the game Mafia? It also is known as "Werewolf." It is such a funny game. I am not sure I can explain it but I will try. In the group there are the townspeople, a few mafia and a spy. A narrator helps the game along. Nobody knows who the mafia is and with each round the mafia slowly kills off the townspeople. The group then has to try to find the mafia and kill them off before they get all the townspeople. Each round the townspeople has to vote and decide who they think the mafia is, kill them and then find out if they were right. Sadly, the townspeople are usually wrong and they kill one of their own instead. Basically, you have to accuse people without drawing attention to yourself. The spy has some real information and can try to help the townspeople, but cannot really let anyone know they are the spy..or the mafia will get them. If that doesn't make sense (which I know it doesn't) come over and we can play together. You will catch on quickly. . Anyway the game is hilarious and highly addictive. We played it until 1 am.
Seriously, who would you trust? Here were some of my choices..sadly, the sneakiest mafia members got away without a mug shot.
Everyone's friend, John or was he REALLY a friend?The talkative ones that usually got killed off right away?

The highly suspicious Carol?Was Dad really just learning the game or was it a ploy to trick us?Mafia Mamma herself?Mom who kept innocently asking, "Could I really be Mafia 2, 3, 4 times in a row?" We learned that yes you can.Honestly, I think Fiona was the ring leader!
Louise put it best..."I cannot trust any of you people!"

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Lori said...

Love the Fiona picture. That belongs on a "Get Well" Card or something... too CUTE!